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We provide Urine/Hair Drug Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing and Physical Examinations for companies and individuals in the Nashville area. Many companies, due to liability insurance, complete drug testing on employees. Drug testing reduces work related injuries and absenteeism.

We provide testing for:

• Pre-employment
• Post-accident
• Reasonable suspicion
• Return to work
• Random

The testing we provide:

• Urine Drug Test
• Breath Alcohol Test
• Hair Drug Test
• Employment Physicals
• DOT Physicals
• Spirometry Testing
• Respirator Fit Tests

Drug test results can be faxed, email or mailed within 30 minutes of the completion of the test (for urine drug tests and breath alcohol test). Hair drug tests are sent to a lab and results are received in 5-7 days. Competitive pricing and extended and weekend testing hours available. For more information, please call 615-383-0244 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lou E.

I started coming to GHCC because I carry stress along my spine and between my shoulders and pain in my low back due to sitting at my job -- which was very painful! The pain in my back is now gone with my bi-weekly treatments. Chiropractic care has kept me moving pain free for years!

Nicolette F.

My back pain is way better! Its easier to be happy without constant back pain!

Miriam E.

I came in with pubic symphysis dysfunction due to pregnancy with severe pain while trying to sleep. I also had difficulty walking and was unable to roll over without assistance. After 6 visits the SPD is getting better and I can sleep all night without waking up in pain!

Mark D

After 1 month of care my back mobility has increased, function has improved, and shoulder discomfort has improved. The overall day to day feel of my body has improved.

Laurie N

I crept in and bounced out after 2 weeks of treatments! No more painful limp.

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