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Chiropractic adjustment


A chiropractic adjustment involves an analysis of the joints in your body and detection of abnormal movement or placement of vertebrae, called a subluxation. When a vertebrae is subluxated, the body produces small amounts of inflammation or swelling around the joint which can slow down the nerve impulse to the rest of the body. Because the spine houses the spinal cord, there is a close relationship between the spine not functioning properly and the nerve impulses or message being able to travel to the body's muscles, organs, and tissue. We use spinal adjustments to fix the abnormal movement within the spine and joints, restoring proper nervous system function and communication between your brain and spinal cord and the rest of your body. Each doctor has received advanced training in the techniques that they perform in the office.

The techniques offered in this clinic include the following:

• Full Spine-Diversified and Manual
• Thompson Drop Table
• Activator Protocol
• Diversified
• Webster

Nicolette F.

My back pain is way better! Its easier to be happy without constant back pain!

Miriam E.

I came in with pubic symphysis dysfunction due to pregnancy with severe pain while trying to sleep. I also had difficulty walking and was unable to roll over without assistance. After 6 visits the SPD is getting better and I can sleep all night without waking up in pain!

Mark D

After 1 month of care my back mobility has increased, function has improved, and shoulder discomfort has improved. The overall day to day feel of my body has improved.

Brad M

I have chronic neck and low back pain for years along with limited range of motion in my neck. After 2 weeks of care I have improved range of motion, decreased reliance on over the counter pain medication and am increasingly optimistic that I’ll be able to avoid neck surgery and be mostly pain free.

Laurie N

I crept in and bounced out after 2 weeks of treatments! No more painful limp.

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